You are purchasing one pound of our 3 Bean Crunch Mix that contains: Certified Organic french lentil, garbanzo and adzuki. Sprout this mix for a day or two in our Hemp Sprouting Bag, Easy Sprouter, Sprout Master Trays, Terra Cotta Sprouter and The Easy Green MikroFarm Automatic Sprouter. Get One Pound FREE when you purchase one of our manual sprouters. This offer is available for the month of July. Follow this link to find Sprout Lady Rita's book on Sprouting: http://www.sprouthouse.com/category_s/51.htm
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My favorite bean mix

Pam on Dec 2nd 2020

Love this mix of textures and sizes, ready in 2-3 days, and very tasty.

3 Bean Crunch Mix Certified Organic NON-GMO sprouting Seeds Contains; Certified Organic French Lentils, Certified Organic Adzuki and Certified Organic Garbanzo

Pam Valente on Jun 26th 2019

Great sprouts, LOVE this blend - good customer service.

My husband's favorite

Katherine Trudeau on Dec 6th 2017

I got this mix as a freebie a few months ago with a large order. My husband fell in love! I make a big bowl of this for him to snack on especially at work where he's stressed. All the fresh zip of sprouts but a meatier experience.