One of our most popular certified organic seeds. A beautiful dark golden wheat colored seed produces a bright green sprout. Tastes so much better when grown fresh at home then store bought commercial sprouts. Use as a base for salads and raw sprouted soups. Great sprout for juicing.

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I love the sprout house's sprouting seeds.

Alison Syonbely on Jun 21st 2020

I have been sprouting since the beginning of the Corona Virus, my sister in NYC has been too! It has made sure that there is always something green on our menu, even when there have been shortages at the store! I recommended the sprout house to my sister as I have used them before. The seeds are always fresh. I like the variety and it is always shipped quickly! A big thank you to the sprout house!!

Alfalfa seeds

Sarah Martinez on May 14th 2020

The sampler amount is a very good size to start your sprouting adventure!!. Make sure you soak twice to remove the foam the seeds generate.


Carrie on Jul 4th 2016

Sprouted quickly and taste yummy!

First time trying

May 18th 2016

This is the first time I am trying sprouting. So far everything is going according to plan. I hope it works and I can 'sprout' out my sprouting!