Contains Certified Organic Non-GMO Certified Organic Radish Certified Organic Clover, Broccoli and Certified Organic Fenugreek

Nice tasting salad mix that adds fenugreek and just a little bit of the radish


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Brit Mix is delicious!

Cathy on Apr 19th 2021

First, the shipping is super quick. Second, these seeds germinated quickly. Third, they are delicious and the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I highly recommend The Sprout House and this blend.

My Favorite

Rachel DiPaolo on Oct 11th 2020

This is our go-to sprout mix! The raddish adds just a bit of zing and the fenugreek finishes it out perfectly. Really like the flavor of this mix - and all the seeds sprout really well. If you wait five days from your first soak - you'll have a nice variety of large and small sprouts!

Brit Mix

Liz on Sep 7th 2020

Lovely seed with fresh earthy smell. Sprouted in 2 days! Best prices around

Andrea's Brit Mix ~ Broccoli, Clover, Radish and Fenugreek

Debbie Chandler on Apr 26th 2020

Thick luscious sprouts ~ quick to germinate

Great Mix!

Bonnie on Apr 10th 2020

I love using a mix to grow my own Organic greens for health reasons. There is nothing healthier than sprouts and they are easy to grow. Living in a small apartment and owning no land, does not keep me from eating healthy, even in times like these when there are food shortages.

great mix, great germination

Susan on Jan 14th 2020

This mix is fragrant right out of the bag (it's the fenugreek) and a wonderful blend. Spicy and sweet. Sprout House seeds sprout better than any other. I've used leftover seeds from planting and they're not as good.

Smells so good

Katherine Trudeau on Dec 6th 2017

This is one of the mixes that I just love to smell while I am rinsing or dehulling. Just so exotic. Tasty too: lightly spicy but also complex. I appreciate subtle warmth, and this mix really compliments most rice dishes.