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This mix contains:  Hard Wheat, Rye,  Whole Barley, and Flax (the magic ingredient)

Anglyn writes:

I thought about another recipe you might could use for cat grass.  Some cats can puke up the pure wheat grass even if they enjoy eating it.  That can be remedied by adding flax seed to the wheat grass seed.  That's the combination that limits the problem.  I use about 40% wheatgrass, and about 12% (equal parts) of rye, oats, barley and flax.  The cats go wild for it, and I have had good reports on dogs.  It all grows well together on a coco mat and at about at the same rate, with the flax emerging last.  My cat likes it mature and deep green.   Anyone could grow a great little salad for their cat for pennies compared to buying at the store, and that's what home sprouting is all about, savings and quality. 

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Pretty Amazing

Brooke Schroeder on May 6th 2020

Sprouted within 2 days of sowing. 4 days later it’s green and lush. Highly recommended!


M J Lemon on May 14th 2019

We received the sprouting mixture and have some started already ! Within 24 hours the seed has started growing and overnite we have sprouts up to 1/2 inch tall !

Has my cat's meow of approval

A.H. on Oct 3rd 2016

She has her infrastructure demands, and delicate gourmet cat grass is one of them. This fits the bill. TY