Barry's Sprouting Mix Fit for a President! This inaugural mix contains: Non-GMO Certified Organic Mung, Certified Organic Alfalfa, Certified Organic Broccoli, and Certified Organic Radish. It has a mix of beans and greens that work in a non-partisan way. Reach across your aisle for good nutrition and start soaking these seeds as soon as you can. Yes we can....eat sprouts! This seed mixture is dedicated to Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America.

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Barry's Sprouting mix

Wendy Lane on Mar 31st 2022

I really like this combination of seeds. It has a little bit of heart & a nice occasional crunch. It is my favorite. I enjoy all your products the 5 of seeds that sprout is great unlike othe rproducts ZI have tries. I also like that I can call & talk to the Sprout Lady

the radish seeds add a nice tang

Ned Pelger on Dec 8th 2020

I have normally stayed with mung beans and alfalfa, but now add in this mix sometimes because the radish seeds add a nice tang (and presumably add another sprout nutrients into the mix).

Tasty mix

Brian R on Sep 10th 2020

Barry's sprouting mix is flavorful blend - easy to grow - Recommend.

very good

Faith Teems on Dec 22nd 2019

Everyone would be healthier if they grew sprouts!

Great mix: refreshing, snappy, spicy, sweet

Katherine Trudeau on Dec 6th 2017

This is such an innovative blend! The whole family enjoys it. Somehow, the mung beans just unit the spicy of broccoli and the sweet of alfalfa. Really worth a try.


Linda on Aug 2nd 2016

Just finishing my first pound of this mix and ordering another so I won't run out!. .. I love it. Great combination of tastes, crunchy and a bit spicy.. and lasts in fridge in sealed container for a week! Highly recommend!

We like this mix

Feb 3rd 2016

Very tasty and a good mix of seeds.