Best Crunchy Bean Mix.  Very tasty with lots of protein and CRUNCH!
Contains: Certified organic Garbanzo,  Green Pea. Red Lentils, French Lentils,
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Best Sprouts Ever!

Kim on Jun 2nd 2022

Very happy with my sprout mix from The Sprout House! They germinated almost immediately and taste so good. Sprout Lady Rita was lovely to work with. Helped me out with my order. Highly recommend her sprouts. I will be a repeat customer! Thank you so much, Rita! Best wishes, Kim

Perfect for crunchy sandwiches

Sherri on May 21st 2021

These pack a powerful & crunchy punch on just about any sandwiches or wraps you can think of. Even taste good on almond butter & jelly sandwich. Highly recommend.

Perfect Mix

Shayna on Feb 9th 2021

My husband loves this mix - he adds a little Crimson Clover for a bit more of the tiny sprouts - and uses it for everything. Added to a sandwich wrap, topping his burger, tossed with tiny tomatoes from our garden, atop a scoop of cottage cheese.... the list goes on and on. His sensitive stomach doesn't allow him to enjoy leaf lettuces and greens, so these have provided us with the perfect substitute. Bonus - they are low card and HEALTHY!

Crunchy bean mix

Shayna on May 19th 2020

Love this combo! Garbanzo for crunch as well as the green peas, and the lentils both are very flavorful. We are so happy to have found the Sprout House - they are a great resource for your sprouting needs, quick responses and shipping too!

Great product and vendor

Jeff Barnett on May 3rd 2020

This is my first direct order to Sprout House - I have bought, in the past, through Amazon. When I found Amazon had no supplies during our pandemic, I tracked this vendor down and ordered directly. My comments will combine this order experiences with previous ones: I note the following positives: 1) no observable mold or rot on dry or sprouted seeds, 2) after sprouting have noticed less than one unsprouted seed per 3 pounds of dry so I'm not chipping teeth, 3) post sprouting taste is the slightly bitter that one should expect, 4) all seeds in the mix seem to "ripen" simultaneously, and 5) the texture is uniformly crunching. I have no negatives to add. I typically put a handful of sprouts in a bowl of cottage cheese (Knudsons, not at all sour) and add some cut up radishes and daikons of various sorts, and call the result breakfast; usually my only non-embarrassing meal of the day.