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A few weeks ago, I made our usual once a week stir fry thinking I had some already cooked rice in the refrigerator. After the search was over and I could not find the rice, I reached for the Soba noodles only to find their place was empty, too. As I asked myself "What are you going to do, Sprout Lady?" my eyes fell upon the jar of mature Sprout Lady Rita's Favorite Bean Mix sitting on the kitchen counter. I warmed them up a bit and served the stir fry over the mix. My husband and I enjoyed that meal so much, we have substituted the bean mix in almost every dish I usually serve with rice. Sprout Lady Rita's Favorite Bean Mix - a versatile side dish.

Have you been following The Sprout House on Facebook? March included a delicious recipe for Mango Chia Dessert that you can also find on our Blog. And just like that (snap of my fingers) I have decided I may only eat this forever. As I look out my window I see our resident birds setting up nests and it lightened my heart to think of green, spring shoots ahead in life.

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