Cress, also known as 'garden cress' and 'curly cress' matures in 2-3 weeks (stem about 2" tall with two mature green leaves).

Because of it's hot, spicy flavor, it's best eaten with other milder tasting salad greens or added in small quantities to sandwiches, wraps, crackers or sprinkled on hot meals such as soups etc.

Cress provides our bodies with high amounts vitamin C, K and A in addition to many other nutrients.

When growing cress, do not pre-soak the seeds because they are 'gelatinous seeds' (form a gel-like coating).

The easiest way to grow cress is to mix the seeds with other non-gelatinous seeds. When grown together, the gelatinous substance is diluted through the other seeds and all will sprout normally. Ex. Mix three tbs of alfalfa with one tbs of cress. This way you can use your favorite sprouter such as a mason jar.

If you'd like to sprout cress by itself, there are three options; in soil, in a growing medium or a terra-cotta clay sprouter such as GAIA.

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Info credit: 'Homegrown Sprouts' book published by Quarry Books.