This question comes up a lot because people worry about their sprouts going moldy.

Cila Hairs

These look like tiny white 'hairs' growing out of the root of the sprout, they're cells produced when the sprout is dehydrated. There is no odor and no slimy texture.

The solution to cilia hairs is easy, simply soak the sprouts in cold water for about 15 minutes (then drain as usual) and the cilia hairs will disappear.

Going forward, make sure the sprouts stay hydrated, keep on top of the soak/rinse cycle, do this twice a day for most varieties. If the sprouts look a little dry, add an extra soak/rinse.


Mold is quite different from cila hair, it may grow on any part of the sprout and growing medium (ex. soil) It is often a dark color and has an unpleasant odor and a slimy texture. When you rinse the sprouts, the mold does not go away. If the sprouts are moldy, throw them away and start a new batch.

Sprouts may go moldy due to inefficient rinsing/draining, lack of air circulation, standing puddles of water in the sprouter, or poor food-handling hygiene.

If you follow the instructions for growing sprouts at home and practice hygenic food prep. you should have no problems with mold.

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