I started tweaking my eating habits towards an anti-inflammatory diet several years ago when I reached a certain age and kept gaining weight.  This was unusual for me because I spent my childhood years and most of my adult life underweight.  I could eat ice cream everyday and  never gain a pound.  When I first married, my husband had an exercise machine that was an in-house ski machine.  He used it every evening after work and I used it in the morning.   After one week, I had to stop because I lost weight so quickly.

Then menopause started and the weight came on and it would not go away.  I picked up a book at the library called 21-Day Tummy:  The Revolutionary Diet That Soothes and Shrinks any Belly Fast by Liz Vaccariello.  In the first week I lost 8 pounds and all I did was change my breakfast habits.  My husband was so impressed with the ease of my weight loss, he changed his breakfast and lost 5 pounds.  Needless to say, we continued to follow the plan and found ourselves slimmer without hunger.  My touchy stomach also found a respite from bothering me too much.  Most of our meals now come from Liz Vaccariello's book.  I change things a little bit and include sprouts for lettuce or greens.  We also use Sprout Lady Rita's Favorite Bean Mix in place of rice.

One of my favorite Friday sandwiches for the warehouse is my famous Peanut Butter and Sprouts.  I use sprout bread from the Alvarado Bakery or Ezekial 4:9.  Fresh ground peanut butter from our local health food store.  In order to perk it up a little bit I sprinkle some turmeric on the peanut butter, a little of smoked paprika, and curcumin.  Then I pile it high with leafy green sprouts usually with some radish or yellow mustard to give it a kick.  It's delish and nutrish!

I use turmeric because it "is a powerful antioxidant and may help fight infections and reduce inflammation.  Research suggests that turmeric stimulates the gallbladder to produce more bile, which may improve digestion." (Vaccariello 111)  Turmeric has a bitter and pungent taste but seems to work well with the peanut butter.  

Curcumin and ginger help to digest fat.  "Because fat is challenging to digest, it causes bloating.  A 2011 study showed that spices stimulate the body to secrete more bile and also promote activity in the pancreas, both of which are required for breaking down fat."  (Vaccariello 78)  Curcumin has an earthy flavor that is slightly bitter but peppery, too.

I pare this sandwich with slices of fresh red pepper or cucumbers.  I hope you try this for your Friday lunch.