GAIA sprouters are great for sprouting, germinating and growing sprouts, plant shoots, microgreens or grasses without soil or compost. These sprouters are made out of food-grade terracotta clay and come with either two or three sprouting trays. They're a good option for people who want to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives, especially in food preparation.

Each unglazed tray (middle section) can be used simultaneously for growing sprouts and each tray can be used for a different seed. 

The trays provide a stable, moist environment that facilitates steady growth without the risk of over-saturating or drying up seeds. The terracotta absorbs and releases water to maintain a constant level of humidity. 

The lid and base are glazed to make them easy to clean, with a choice of Ivory or Racing Green. 

The clay and glaze are certified lead-free and non-toxic. Slight variations in color may appear due to the manufacturing process. These sprouters are imported from the UK and are a Sprout House exclusive in the US.

GIAI sprouters take up a small space on your counter top, yet provide sprouts throughout the year independent of the weather outside. No soil, fertilizer or growing medium is needed, just cold water from the tap.

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Picture credit: The Clay Like Company