Rita, I despaired of ever finding anything like the equipment Ann Wigmore described for growing mung bean sprouts. But it got me thinking about other ways to achieve the same ends. I thought you might be interested in my jerry-rigged system for growing mung bean sprouts, ala Ann Wigmore's technique. Except for the plate, it is made entirely of discarded parts from non-functioning housewares. Sometimes it does pay to not throw things away.

I started with a bowl and strainer insert from a lettuce spinner that wouldn't spin anymore. I cut up some foil freeze-dried dog food packages and have the interior of the bowl lined with the foil to keep out light. The strainer has a 9.25 " diameter, and it has a pivot in the middle of it, which allows for air flow around anything set on top of it. I set inside that a 7.5" steamer basket from this Black & Decker steamer, https://www.amazon.com/Black-Decker-HS80-Steamer-Cooker/dp/B00L6QWO4M, that doesn't heat anymore. I put the mung bean sprouts inside that steamer basket.

On top of the sprouts, I put an Oblique 7" flat-bottomed melamine plate (http://apt528.com/products/oblique-ingrid-plates. On top of the plate I put an aluminum bowl from an old rice cooker, filled with water, as a weight. I then drape a wet towel over the entire affair, to block out any light from the top and provide some humidity.

Whenever I need to rinse the sprouts, I remove the towel, the rice bowel with water, and the plate. I remove the steamer basket with the sprouts in it from the salad spinner, hold it under the faucet, and the water drains out through the holes in the bottom of the basket. When I place the steamer basket back on the pivot point in the salad spinner strainer, the water can keep on draining into the salad spinner bowl. So the sprouts are never setting in water, there is some air flow around them, and they're in a dark environment.

I've used this set-up two times. The first time I used unsprouted mung bean seeds. The second time I let them grow in the EasyGreen 3 days before I transferred them to this setup. I think they did better growing in the EasyGreen first, because they did develop voluminous long, thick roots after 3-4 days in the weighted, dark conditions. I think 1 or 2 days in the EasyGreen first might be better, depending on the house temperature, to keep them from developing little green leaves before I put them in the setup.