Here are step-by-step instructions for using a mason jar sprouter.

Mason jar sprouting is ideal for beginners because it's inexpensive and easy. Make sure you get a 'wide mouth' mason jar as the sprouting lids will only fit this size jar.

If you're new to sprouting, good seeds to start with are broccoli, alfalfa or clover. If you like spicy sprouts, try radish.

In this example, red cabbage seeds are used. The same steps apply to most all seeds, except gelatinous seeds such as cress and chia which sprout with a different process.

Red cabbage sprouts take about 5 to 6 days to grow. Different seeds may take more or less time, it all depends on the seed.

Store the sprouts in a covered container in the fridge like any other salad, although they're most nutritious and tasty eaten fresh.

If they dry out, rinse and drain to rehydrate them. Then return them to the fridge.

Sprouting Lids for Mason Jars

Mason jars are available at hardware or kitchen stores, or online.

Click here to see the sprouting lids for wide mouth mason jar

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