Here's an Enjoyable Way for Kids to Learn How to Grow Their Own Food

Children love hands-on activities and it's fun to watch seeds grow. Take this project a step further and encourage your child to prepare a simple meal with the sprouted beans. Perhaps a simple stir-fry or a crunchy salad.

We chose ‘Sol’s High Protein Power Mix’ because it grows quickly into edible sprouts in a few days and it contains a variety of beans and lentils, different flavors, colors and sizes.

Equipment Needed

A wide-mouth mason jar (also known as a 'canning jar')

A sprouting lid to fit a wide-mouth mason jar.

A cup for measuring the quantity of dry beans.

A cup of Sol's High Power Protein Mix or similar beans/bean mix. (Ex. mung, adzuki, garbanzo, green pea, lentils)

Here are the steps to grow bean sprouts in a jar at home

First measure about one cup of beans and put them in the mason jar.

(This will yeild about two cups of bean sprouts)

Put the beans in a mason jar and add cold tap water to cover the beans with about 2" of water above the beans.

Put the lid on the jar and soak the beans for 12 to 24 hours (below)

This inital soak triggers the germination process so the beans will begin to sprout.

After the initial soak, tip the water out of the jar (below). Dont drink the water, it can be used to water plants.

Allow excess water to drain away (below) we use a cereal bowl for this.

Twice a day, rinse the beans with cold water, drain the water away and tilt the jar (below)

(If you forget to rinse them, dont worry, do it as soon as you remember and give the beans an extra soak of about 20 minutes in the water, before tipping the water away.)

In one to two days, the beans are ready. 

When they have a small 'tail' (root), do a taste test, if they are cunchy and tasty, they are ready! (below)

Like any other fresh veggie, store them in the fridge to keep them fresh!

Serving Suggestions

The bean sprouts can be eaten raw in a salad or they can be stir-fried with some onions, garlic and your choice of vegetables and seasonings.

Sprouting lids for wide-mouth mason jars are available here. Sprouting lids

Sol's High Protein Power Mix is available here. Sol's High Power Protein Mix