Here's a fun activity for children that ties in nicely with sunflower season in August

I've added a bumblebee to the sunflower because they always visit mine in my garden!

For this project, you'll need two circular objects to use as templates, they make it easy to draw circles.

I used a lid from a large peanut butter jar (small enough to fit inside a 5" square) and a small 6oz can of tomato paste (smaller than the other circle).

Use whatever lids/cans you have handy, and if you can't find anything, just draw the circles freehand, it doesn't have to be perfect! 

For the two pieces of cardboard, I used an old cereal box and an old yellow two-pocket school folder (it's good to recycle isn't it?)

For the scissors, I had a pair of 'zig-zag' scissors and regular scissors. If you dont have the zig-zag that's fine.

Here are the steps below: