Leaving Home for a Few Days and Sprouting.

Have you ever had sprouts growing and you needed to get away? Do you know what to do with your sprouts during Shabbat? Once those seeds start sprouting and there is no one to take care of them, they will die. There is a solution that works for a few days if you need to be away.

Before you leave, give the sprouts a good rinsing.

  • For jar sprouting: fill the jar with water and let it sit for a few minutes before draining well
  • For tray sprouting: rinse and let the water drain out of the tray two or three times before draining well
  • For trays with soil: keep the soil moist, but no puddles

Once you feel the sprouts have sufficient water and are drained well so there is no standing water in the jar or in the trays and the soil is moist but without puddles, then put the jars or trays into the refrigerator.

If you are jar sprouting and use a lid, you can keep the lid on. Depending upon the length of time you are away, the top sprouts may dry out a bit. You can put a solid lid on the jar to prevent this.

If you are tray sprouting including trays with soil, put some kind of cover on the sprouts. I use an inverted bowl because my trays have a diameter of about 4 or 5 inches. If you have a larger tray, you can use an inverted tray to top off the growing sprouts.

Refrigerators can dry out the growing sprouts and a cover will help to keep them hydrated.

The sprouts will live for a few days in the refrigerator if they have been well watered beforehand. The growing rate slows down because they think it is winter, but they will not die. Once you return home, give them a good rinsing, and continue to sprout as usual.

The longest time I used this method was five days. I had an out-of-town urgent family matter and left on Friday after taking care of my sprouts. When I returned the following Wednesday, I took my trays out of the refrigerator, gave them a nice rinsing, and drained well. The sprouts went back to growing and everyone was happy again.

With a little preparation, such as extra rinsing and finding the correct cover to use, your growing sprouts will continue to mature if you need to go away for a few days or overnight for Shabbat. Keeping them cool in the refrigerator after a good rinsing is the key to continued successful sprouting.