Monthly Sale of Sprouting Mixes and Seeds 

There are ten different mixes and grains on sale this month, a nice variety of textures and flavors.

Jill's Trio

Jill's Trio is new this month, it contains three delicious sprouting mixes created exclusively for the Sprout House by Jill Nussinow aka 'The Veggie Queen'. 

Jill has been teaching people about the joys eating whole food, plant-based meals for the past 25 years. She is a registered dietician and provides private cooking classes. 

These mixes can be sprouted at home in a mason jar sprouter or tray sprouter. Eat them 'as is' with a simple dressing or add them to your summer salads.You'll receive three bags (sample size about 4 oz) of these mixes:

  1. Cloverly Lentil Mix
  2. Jill's Sprout Salad Mix
  3. Veggie Queen Mix

Take a look here Jill's Trio

See below for more of the items on sale.

Looking for a kid-friendly vegetable? Try Ed's Mix, mild flavored with a light texture, grow it with your kids and let them ask them what they think of it!

Like spicy flavors? Try the Hot & Spicy Mix or Arugula and Cress Mix (slightly less piquant)

Want a healthy breakfast meal? Breakfast Grains To Go Mix is on sale

Do you have questions about growing sprouts at home?

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Thank you for supporting my small business, happy sprouting!

- Sprout Lady Rita