Soaking seeds starts the germination process

“The most important step in sprouting is the soaking process. During soak the seed absorbs water. The water diffuses through the seed coat into the embryo, causing the seed to swell. You can sometimes actually see this by observing the cracked seed casing after soaking.” *

During soaking the dormant seed germinates then eventually grows into a sprout. 

Always use fresh, potable, cold water for soaking (and rinsing) seeds. The fresher the seed, the more readily it germinates.

Small seeds such as broccoli need about 12 hours soak. 

Depending on the age of the seeds, they may need a longer soak (24 hours) to trigger the germination process. For example, if you’re having a problem with say, adzuki beans sprouting, try soaking them for 24 hours rather than 12.

Take a look at my ‘Sprouting Chart’ at to see the different soak times for a variety of seeds. It includes mucilaginous seeds such cress that do not require soaking.

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*Excerpt from my book ‘Homegrown Sprouts’ published by Quarry Books. Available on my website or