Mason Jar Sprouting

I used Sol's High Power Protein Seed Mix, it's a blend of three different beans/lentils and the sprouts have a crunchy, hearty texture.

You will need a wide-mouth mason jar and a sprouting/draining lid.

First, measure your seeds, one TBSP of Sol's mix will grow about 1-2 cups of sprouts, so you don't need a lot of seeds.

Now follow the steps below.

Note: if you are growing other varieties of seeds such as broccoli or alfalfa, you will see two tiny grean leaves when they are ready to eat. 

For beans, peas and lentils you can eat them before they grow leaves as they tend to get tough if sprouted for too long. 

Peas may be grown into a microgreen pea shoot, but a mason jar is not used for this process.

If you have any questions about growing sprouts, give me a call at 1 800-SPROUTS or leave a comment on Instagram or Facebook. Stay healthy! Your friend in sprouting, Sprout Lady Rita.

If you'd like to view Sol's High Power Seed Mix, click here.

Mason jar lids are available here.