The Miracle of Sprouting and Lentils in the Sea Recipe to Share

By Stephen Blauer

There are three closely related books on sprouting. This is the first one published in 1981 by Green Grower Publishers. Written by Stephen Blauer with joyful illustrations of Kathleen Kryznel, The Miracle of Sprouting is an uplifting treatise on a favorite living food.

Blauer puts the whole reason why we sprout in the first paragraph of his introduction:

Wanted Alive, an edible plant food: that grows in any climate; rivals both beef and store bought produce in nutritional value; matures in three to five days; may be planted anytime; requires neither soil nor sunshine; equals oranges and tomatoes in Vitamin C; has no waste; can be eaten without processing or preparation; is digested with little effort; costs less than any other food per food value dollar; lasts several days without refrigeration; is low in calories; offers complete protein and has been eaten for thousands of years.

Why wouldn’t you want to sprout after reading that? It made me interrupt my reading and start soaking some seeds. (Finishing the ones on my counter first.)

After the intro Blauer goes into some sprout nutrition and delves into each sprout and why they are an important addition to our daily diet. As with all books on sprouting he includes directions on sprouting and a great chart on pages 32 – 33. There are also instructions on indoor composting.

What’s important to remember is “sprouts also respond to your energy. Give them love and they will love you by keeping your body healthy.” Easy sprouted peasy.

He finishes the book with recipes to enjoy a variety of sprouts and a few paragraphs urging right living (living in harmony and balance). The last paragraph of the book is as powerful as the first:

Can a man with a sour and irritated stomach ever be peaceful and happy? Sprouts and uncooked foods, exercise, self-observation and quiet time spent with nature will aid in the elimination of an old dead past and its accumulation of toxins and stress. We all have the opportunity to become rejuvenated and sensitized people, reborn with greater vitality and a renewed love for life and its creations.

Two things I can’t argue about – eating sprouting daily and those parting words. While the book is no longer in print it is an important publication in the evolution of books on sprouting and getting the word out to a larger audience.

I chose his Lentils in the Sea recipe to share because I eat sea veggies and think they go great with sprouts. Here he uses dulse flakes, but I have also used wakame flakes.

Lentils in the Sea

4 cups lentil sprouts (start with 2 cups dry lentils)

½ avocado (cubed)

½ red pepper (diced)

½ cup celery (diced)

1 chopped scallion

1 small handful chopped dulse or a few sprinkles of dulse flakes

Mix ingredients in a bowl with a few drops of water to moisten the dulse. Add cubed avocado and serve.

Two observations about the book. First, no ISBN. Second, if you wanted to purchase the book directly from the publisher, you could buy from 1 to 5 books for $1.25 shipping.

Blauer, Stephen. The Miracle of Sprouting. Boston, Green Grown Publications (Boston, Massachusetts, 1981.)