Vacation Sprouting

Love me, love my sprouts. That is what I always say when we go away for a family vacation or camping trip. Do you want to continue your sprouting while you are away from home? Is sprouting a viable practice while camping? There a few solutions to vacation sprouting that can help.

The most important question to ponder is about water. Is there a source of potable water? Since the sprouts need to be rinsed at least two times each day, you will need a sufficient amount of clean, drinkable water for them. If you can drink the water, then you can use that water on the sprouts.

Are you going camping? Where is the camping site? Will it be in an organized facility with access to running water? Are you backpacking and filtering stream water as needed? When our son was a Boy Scout and we camped with the troop, those trips that I went on were in sites that had running water. Because I was sure of the water source, I brought our sprouting equipment and kept up that routine through the trip and was able to share with the boys and other leaders fresh bean sprouts and the leafy ones, too. When we camped away from a regular site and had to carry in our water, I chose not to sprout as that practice would use up too much water.

Going on a long car trip and want to take those babies along with you? No problem. Several hours before the trip, rinse and drain the sprouts well then put them into the refrigerator for a few hours. That will get them nice and chilled before being in a warmish car. If you can fit a cooler in the car, put the growing sprouts into the cooler. If there is no room for the sprouts to be in a cooler, then wrap the jar or trays in several layers of plastic bags. The plastic bags act as insulation and will keep them cool.

Keeping up your sprouting routine while away takes a little planning especially when you need to consider your water source. It is fun to wake up in a different city and see the jars and trays of sprouts in various stages of growth. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh bean sprouts during a camping trip. Remember to rinse and drain well at least two times each day and your vacation sprouting will be a memorable part of the trip.