When it comes to growing sprouts and microgreens at home, there's a lot of containers to choose from. Everyone has their preference based on what works best for them, as each home has a unique indoor climate, light and moisture level.

Jar Sprouting

A wide-mouth mason jar and a sprouting lid is your basic equipment. Various kits are available online and you can also purchase racks to tilt the jar for draining the water away.

The Sprout House sprouting lid is available here

Tray Sprouting

Any container with a flat surface that is suitable for food (glass or food-grade plastic) can be used. There are trays specifically designed for growing sprouts that come with drip-trays, do an online search to see what's available.

You can also re-use the plastic trays from the grocery store (salad containers, mushroom containers, berry trays etc.)

Other inexpensive options are sieves, colanders, lids, buckets and milk cartons (cardboard or plastic)

Garden 'seed flats' with a drip-tray are great for growing larger quantities, for example growing grass or sprouts for juicing.

Which containers do you like best? Share your tips in the comments below!