Certified organic Non-GMO Broccoli seeds
Broccoli is a member of the Brassica family, also known as Cruciferous.
The Doctors at John Hopkins University Brassica Foundation for Chemoprotection Research published an article in 1997 "Broccoli Sprouts: An Exceptionally Rich Source of Inducers of Enzymes that Protect Against Chemical Carcinogens". Broccoli sprouts contain 20 - 50 times more cancer fighting nutrition then a mature broccoli plant. The sprout has a strong broccoli flavor. Sulphoraphane stimulates cells to produce enzymes that are effective against certain types of tumor growths. If you are using Broccoli Sprouts to help in your fight against cancer, the recommended amount to eat is about 1 cup of raw broccoli sprouts per day. Use the sprouts as a base for salads and raw sprouted soups. Great sprout for juicing.
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A Wee Homestead on Aug 11th 2021

I'm new to sprouting but my first batch turned out great! Ended up with a full jar of sprouts, high yield, crisp and tasty. Very pleased. Will order again.

Broccoli Sprouts

Louis on Jun 1st 2021

Very pleased with the quality, germination rate was terrific great taste.

Broccoli sprouts

Sandy on May 29th 2021

Very pleased with the product about 85% yield on the seeds and of course they taste great.

Super nutrient packed powerhouse

Sherri on May 21st 2021

An inexpensive way to get organic nutrients FAST with no soil or fancy equipment. Taste great!

Broccoli Sprouts

Timothy Ball on Apr 4th 2021

Great sturdy packaging, organic seeds, prompt delivery, just what I ordered. I discovered sprouthouse from a health guru’s podcast who mentioned they had the best seeds. It’s true!

broccoli sprouting seeds, certified organic non-GMO

Stu Sherman on Mar 28th 2021

The seeds are potent. They all sprout very well. Shipping is fast. I am pleased with The Sprout House.

product review

Janelle on Mar 10th 2021

I would love to review the broccoli sprouts I’ve ordered but I haven’t received them yet...

Broccoli Sprouts Amazing Healing Power

Shirley's Wellness Cafe on Jan 10th 2021

I was inspired to eat broccoli sprouts after reading Dr. Axe's article “Researchers Find a Concentrated Anticancer Substance in Broccoli Sprouts.” I ordered the sprouting seeds from the Sprout House because they are organic and less expensive than from other companies. I grow them at home in my kitchen and I eat them daily.