Certified organic Non-GMO Broccoli seeds
Broccoli is a member of the Brassica family, also known as Cruciferous.
The Doctors at John Hopkins University Brassica Foundation for Chemoprotection Research published an article in 1997 "Broccoli Sprouts: An Exceptionally Rich Source of Inducers of Enzymes that Protect Against Chemical Carcinogens". Broccoli sprouts contain 20 - 50 times more cancer fighting nutrition then a mature broccoli plant. The sprout has a strong broccoli flavor. Sulphoraphane stimulates cells to produce enzymes that are effective against certain types of tumor growths. If you are using Broccoli Sprouts to help in your fight against cancer, the recommended amount to eat is about 1 cup of raw broccoli sprouts per day. Use the sprouts as a base for salads and raw sprouted soups. Great sprout for juicing.
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Broccoli Certified Organic Non-GMO Sprouting Seeds

Glenn Verde on Dec 7th 2020

Good fresh broccoli seeds. No problems sprouting in 5 days.

Broccoli Certified Sprouting Seeds

Charlotte Barkley on Dec 7th 2020

After years of purchasing Broccoli Sprouting Seeds from the Sprout House, their quality continues to be tops, their prices have held steady, the shipping is quick. The seeds informally sprout quickly. Very pleased with my purchases.

Simply Wonderful

Leslie on Nov 5th 2020

We love our Broccoli Sprouts and have them in our meals daily . Delicious and so easy to sprout and enjoy.

Broccoli organic non-gmo sprouting seeds

Sheryll Perry on Oct 21st 2020

Excellent product. I have been buying them for years and they always make great sprouts.

great sprouts

Unknown Customer Unknown Customer on Oct 2nd 2020

Broccoli seeds arrived quickly and have sprouted very well and are so tasty. Sprout lady Rita has been very responsive and helpful with questions. Would recommend buying seeds here. Very pleased.

organic broccoli seed

Wind on Sep 26th 2020

I have been ordering seed from this company for years and have consistently had swift service, high quality product and nice communication. Great Job! I so appreciate how you do things.

Broccoli organic non GMO sprouting seeds 1 lb.

Ana M. Smith on Aug 6th 2020

Very satisfied with quality and price of this product. It is the second time I am buying it.

Broccoli organic non GMO sprouting seeds 1 lb.

Ana M. Smith on Aug 6th 2020

Very satisfied with quality and price of the product. Second time buying it