Sample one each of our mixtures – old and new – at a discount!
Sample sizes - about 2 ounces of each certified organic mix:
Delaware County Special; Holly's Bean Mix; Jill's Sprout Salad; Lentils Together; Rainbow Bean Mix; Salad Mix; September Morn; Sol's High Proten; Sol's Bean Salad; Tasty Broccoli, Veggie Queen , Wisdom Blend

Substitutions may occur due to seed availability.


Follow this link to find Sprout Lady Rita's Book on Sprouting: Home Grown Sprouts
Contains 12 of our top selling mixes Stay with your favorites or try new ones
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Dozen Sprouting Mixes

Fran on Jun 15th 2020

I wished I had made this my first order. I love the variety. However, I may not have discovered that I actually like the Veggie Queen Mix. No matter, almost all the seeds sprouted when I used just plain water (I had tried soaking in sea minerals ... but that hindered the seeds). Very delicious mixes and looking forward to buying more in bulk and discovering if I'll find another favorite (the clover mix is good too!).


Joseph Hande on Jun 11th 2020

I always wanted to try different varieties, combinations of sprouts. I like the diversity the sample batch gives me. I'm cutting way back on red meat, so sprouts, rice and beans, fruit and yogurt are becoming a daily part of my diet. And I got my cats eating sprouts too! Thank you for what you do Sprout House. Good job!


Rich Dildine on Feb 28th 2018

Great product. Bought for my Daughter, totally health conscious, and she LOVES them. On her second batch, great to have fresh sprouts as opposed to store bought. Great price, fast delivery.

Great assortment

Elisabeth on Apr 15th 2017

Already tried the Rainbow bean mix it is delicious. Cant wait to try the rest. Very nice assortment. Service was very quick.

great packaging, quality and value

Bradley Warren on Apr 10th 2017

These sprouted just as we hoped and the quality is great. We would highly recommend this product/ company. They came lightning quick also. Now I'm getting hungry for my lunch, sandwich with sprouts!


TL on Dec 15th 2016

I've ordered this mix twice now and just LUV the variety. It's so nice to rotate through the blends and have new sprouts every few days.

Dozen Sprouting Mixes Is The Way To Go!

Lori on Nov 14th 2016

I am new to sprouting and trying the Dozen Sprouting Mixes is giving me a place to start to see what I like and don't like. I'm having a blast trying the different samples.

GREAT variety!!

Terri Lee on Sep 6th 2016

Just getting started and this assortment will let me test the waters for my preferences. Just 5 days later and I'm already enjoying fresh sprouts!