Contains 12 of our top selling mixes.
Stay with your favorites or try new ones
Sample sizes - about 2 ounces of each certified organic mix:
Delaware County Special; Holly's Bean Mix;
Jill's Sprout Salad; Lentils Together;
Rainbow Bean Mix; Salad Mix;
September Morn; Sol's High Protein;
Sol's Bean Salad; Tasty Broccoli,
Veggie Queen , Wisdom Blend


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Dozen Sprouting Mixes Is The Way To Go!

Lori on Nov 14th 2016

I am new to sprouting and trying the Dozen Sprouting Mixes is giving me a place to start to see what I like and don't like. I'm having a blast trying the different samples.

GREAT variety!!

Terri Lee on Sep 6th 2016

Just getting started and this assortment will let me test the waters for my preferences. Just 5 days later and I'm already enjoying fresh sprouts!


Terry on Jul 24th 2016

The five stars is a misleading rating because I've only sprouted one batch of mixed seeds (alfalfa and clover primarily) so it's too early to offer much of a review. They did arrive expeditiously and seemed to be in good shape. The first batch has sprouted very nicely.