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The old ways of sprouting are too slow,

inconvenient and bothersome.


EASY-SPROUT™ changes that.
Now you can grow fresh sprouts
(at home or away)
and keep them conveniently at

your fingertips.









This unique quart-size,
dual-container sprouting system
(made of durable, easy-to-clean,
quality food grade material)
is able to
•use the heat from sprouting seeds
to circulate fresh,
humidified air by natural convection.

prevent suffocation &
dehydration so sprouts need less
(or NO) rinsing.

conveniently produce pound
batches of healthier,
tastier sprouts faster with minimal effort.

• simplify and enhance
"Travel Sprouting"
and the storage of fresh sprouts
in the refrigerator.
Fresh food lovers everywhere
are sure to welcome
the "plant today,
harvest tomorrow" speed
and convenience of these
unique sprouters.
EASY-SPROUT™ is such a fast,
easy way to add
vitality to our daily food supply,
we should all be
Grow a pound of tasty sprouts
in 8-48 hours with convenient

Just soak 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups dry seeds,
beans, grains or nuts for 1-12 hours,
drain & sprout.

Durable quart-size,
dual-container balances warmth,
humidity, oxygen by convection for fast,
sprouting. Guide with recipes included.
Fresh sprouts available faster Easy to travel with so take your sprouts to work and play Conveniently stores mature sprouts in the fridge
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Easy Sprouter

annabell144a@gmail.com on Jul 23rd 2017

I have just become a sprouter, and upon seeing the Easy Sprout Sprouter, decided to order it. The price is very reasonable, and it looks like a high quality item, that will be easy to use. I can't wait to get started!

Useful & Thoughtful Design

Peter on Oct 29th 2016

I like the Sprouter for small seed and some bean sprouting, providing I use a made-up centrifuge, rather than the method shown in the video - that one is hard on my fingers because of the sharp protrusions around the top of the inner container. If it were possible to hold the bottom end and swing it around in the sink, it would be much more user-friendly :-). Still, this is better than some other gadgets for sprouting that I've tried.

Great Sprouter!

Ellen on Oct 24th 2016

This really is the easiest sprouter, I've tried a lot of other methods. I just bought a second one to have fresh, delicious sprouts all the time.

First time sprouter.

Aug 23rd 2016

I purchased this sprouter because I wanted to try sprouting and see if it was for me. I like the small size of this sprouter. I am the only member of my family interested in sprouting so the larger sprouters are too big for me. Not being familiar with sprouting I found the directions some what confusing. I did successfully (more or less) sprout my first batch and am enjoying eating them.