Ed's Mix - contains: Non-GMO certified organic alfalfa, fenugreek, clover and broccoli. My customer, Ed, made up this mix because it contained all of the sprouts that his children like to eat. Good for Ed and the kids! 
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My favorite mix

Debbie on May 5th 2022

First--only buy organic seeds. These are organic and such a healthy mix for women. The clover are especially important for women's health, and this is yummy too. I always have 100% sprouting--no rotting unsprouted seeds left. This is a reliable company with great products.

Ed's Mix

Patricia Singleton on Nov 9th 2021

I love all of the Sprout mixes I have ever bought from here.

Ed's Mix

Deborah on Sep 1st 2021

Fantastic seeds! Great service from Sprout House!!

Ed's mix

Cathie P on Jul 9th 2021

I do not eat radishes, so this is a great salad mix for me. In winter when I make these I have about 6 pint jars going at once so I can have a full jar each day. Just mist with a nice vinegar and maybe a drizzle of Stony Brook butternut squash seed oil and it is delicious!!

My favorite mix

Debbie on Mar 22nd 2021

Why this combo? Broccoli sprouts are considered the best digest to get a sulfur compound that may help the body in its fight against cancer. But broccoli can cause gas, so the fenugreek seeds help with that. Clover and alfalfa are supposed to be good for women (due to their phyto-esters that are promoted for not causing cancer but helping women, especially those of us in menopause).

My favorite mix

Debbie on Dec 11th 2020

I don't enjoy strong flavors, so I don't like mixes with radishes. Broccoli sprouts are considered super healthy, but broccoli can cause gas. The fenugreek helps to reduce gas, so this is a great combo.

Ed’s Mix Certified Organic Non=GMO Sprouting Seeds

Dana Martin on Jul 14th 2020

Tried this mix because it was on sale and I also wanted broccoli included . Seeds sprouted beautifully. I only buy my sprouts from this company. High quality at a reasonable price. Thank you!!