The Empty Hemp Sprouting Bag comes without instructions and without seeds, just the bag.
See our Hemp Bag Sprouter Kit for the bag with seeds and directions.
10.5" Long x 6.5" Wide
Follow this link to find Sprout Lady Rita's Book on Sprouting: Home Grown Sprouts
By Sprout Lady Rita
1.) The FDA recommends sanitizing your seeds. You can do this easily by mixing 1 ounce of regular household bleach with 10 ounces of water. Soak the seeds in this mixture for 5 minutes then rinse them 3 times with fresh water. After this procedure you can begin the process of sprouting. This is only a recommendation. You can also use ½ teaspoon of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to 16 ounces of water. Soak for 5 minutes, rinse well.
2.) The Hemp Sprouting Bag can be used to sprout Beans and Grains. Use this method for Green Pea, Bean Mix, Lentil, Mung, Garbanzo, Rye, Hard and Soft Wheat, Red Pea, and Barley. Any type of bean or grain. Soak the beans or grains in a jar or bowl overnight about 8 to 10 hours. You will need 3 times as much water as beans or grains. The soaking process is very important. It tells the seeds that it is time to wake up and start to sprout. This is a good time to add a few drops of liquid kelp fertilizer.
3.) Prepare your Hemp Sprouting Bag by soaking it in fresh water for a few minutes. Pour the soaked beans or grains into the wet bag over a sink. Pull the drawstring closed. Always hang your bag and let the water drip. It should only take a few minutes. Never lay the bag on a plate, counter or dish rack.
4.) 2 times each day take the bag and rinse it under the faucet or you can dip it into a bowl of fresh water. You can add a few drops of liquid kelp fertilizer to your rinsing water. Rinse or dip for 30 seconds twice each day. Don’t forget to give your beans or grains a massage when you rinse them. This helps with air circulation and keeps the sprouts from weaving into the fabric too much. Remember to rinse 2 times everyday to prevent mold and fungus. If you need to go away, you can store them in the bag in the refrigerator temporarily.
5.) Most varieties of beans and grains are ready to eat in 3 to 5 days. You can store mature sprouts in the bag in the refrigerator for up to 1 or 2 weeks. A good bath and massage every few days will them happy.
6.) You can take your mature sprouts in the bag with you to work and on walks and hiking trips. Eat the sprouts directly from the bag! Enjoy!
7.) Take care of your hemp sprouting bag by turning it inside out and rinsing it under hot running water. Do not use soap or detergent or bleach with your hemp bag. If you need to, you can sterilize it in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Then it is ready to use again!
BASIC SPROUT BREAD Soak 1 cup of hard wheat for 8 - 10 hours. Sprout in the Hemp Sprouting Bag for 2 days, until the shoot is about the same length as the hard wheat berry. Grind the sprouts in a food processor, a Champion juicer, a wheatgrass juicer, or a cast iron meat grinder. The resulting “sprout dough” should be ground to a smooth paste. If necessary, grind twice. Form a 1 1/2” by 3” loaf by hand. Lay the loaf on a seeded cookie sheet. Sesame or poppy seeds will keep the bread from sticking. Bake at 250 F for approximately 2 ½ - 3 1/3 hours. Bread is done when the underside is firm. The inside will remain moist.
SPROUT SNACK 1 cup Lentil Sprouts - ¼ cup dry lentils 1 cup Red Pea Sprouts - ¼ cup dry red peas 2 T Onion Powder 1 t Garlic Powder 3 T Tamari Pinch Cayenne Pepper (optional) Soak ¼ of dry lentils and ¼ cup dry red peas for 8 to 10 hours in a jar or bowl of fresh water. Lentils and Red Pea can be soaked and sprouted together. Sprout for 5 days, rinsing and massaging two times each day. Place the mature sprouts in a bowl and mix the with onion powder, garlic powder and tamari. Add cayenne pepper to taste. Spread the mixture on a cookie sheet and bake at 250 F until brittle and crisp. It takes about 1 hour, depending upon your oven. Get the party started!!!!
VARIETY AMOUNT OF SEEDS # OF DAYS TO MATURITY Lentil, Mung ½ to 1 ½ cups 3 - 5 Red Pea ½ to 1 ½ cups 3 - 5 Green Pea ½ to 1 ½ cups 4 Hard/Soft/Kamut Wheat 1 - 2 cups 3 - 4 Rye 1 - 2 cups 2 - 3 Garbanzo ½ - 1 ½ cups 4 Rainbow Bean Mix ½ to 1 ½ cups 3 - 5
Nut Milk Bag Usage
Directions for Nut Milk Bag Usage:
1. Wash Nut Milk Bag thoroghly before first use by placing in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroghly and hang to dry.
2. Place nut milk bag over a large bowl with sides hanging over.
3. Pour mixture to be strained through the bag.
4. Gather top of bag and pull drawstring tight. Gently life off the bowl. Liquid will start to filter through.
5. To faciliate the straining process, gently twist the bag at top. Carefully squeeze the bag, slowly working from the top down using a twisiting motion. Do not squeeze too hard or the sediment will be forced through.
6. The resulting fibrous mash or pulp may be added to raw cookies, crackers and cakes and baked goods.
7. After each use, turn bag inside out and rinse under running water. You may want to add a drop of dishwashing liquid to remove stains. Hang to dry.
8. Certain foods (such as carrots, berries, beets) will stain the nut milk bag. To remove stains, add 1 TB of hydrogen peroxide to 4 cups water. Soak for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroghly under running water.
Comes without seeds and without directions Rotate bags to supply your sprouted beans and grains
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