Best Grown in the Sprout Master sprouters, the Terra Cotta sprouters, The Easy Green Automatic Sprouter
This certified organic seed has a beautiful golden color and smells like maple syrup.
Use the seed as a tea for respiratory congestion.
This is a short sprout that has a dusty green color to it.
Use as a base for salads and raw sprouted soups.
Great sprout for juicing.
Follow this link to find Sprout Lady Rita's Book on Sprouting: Home Grown Sprouts
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Easy to grow. Use for salads and soups.
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Debbie on Feb 12th 2019

These seeds are great. They sprout and grow quickly. The smell is sweet and they are great additions to any plant-based diet.

My favorite sprouting seed

J.O. Becroft on Dec 2nd 2016

I've been buying the fenugreek seeds from sprout house for a number of years. What I like about them is, they sprout quickly and reliably. They have a long shelf life, I've gotten good sprouting results from three year old seeds. Finally they have a great crunch and mild flavor. Size wise they're about half way between a mung bean and an alfalfa sprout.

Wonderful spicy aroma during growth phase

grc1947 on Oct 8th 2016

A yummy addition to my smoothies along with sunflower and broccoli sprouts. Dr. Mercola says the last two have outstanding nutrient profiles.

I love this sprouts

Lisa on Jan 7th 2016

The delivery was The sprouts grow fast. They are very juicy and tasty! I eat even without a dressing and they are good! The I love this sprouts. The sprouts grow fast & they are so fresh & tasty & juicy.