This certified organic seed has a beautiful golden color and smells like maple syrup.
Use the seed as a tea for respiratory congestion and upset stomachs.
This is a short sprout that has a dusty green color to it.
Use as a base for salads and raw sprouted soups.
Great sprout for juicing.

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Fenugreek sprouting seeds

Joe Emery on Aug 11th 2022

I'm always happy with the price and quality of products I order from the Sprout House!


Carol Saur on Nov 21st 2021

My most favorite sprout! Easy to grow, lasts well in fridge, and tastes great!

Fenugreek seeds

Claire Gallinghouse on Nov 9th 2020

The fenugreek seeds have grown wonderful sprouts. A little bitter, which is good, and such good medicine. One site I looked at recommended drinking the rinse water to treat arthritis. It’s almost sweet.

Easy to sprout

Marina on Apr 9th 2020

We have these sprouts every day. I believe they are very good for us. I also boil the seeds to make a tea for my respiratory system.

Fenugreek Sprouts

Debra Soloman on Apr 9th 2020

I had Pancreas Surgery from Cancer scare so my digestion is compromised. Fenugreek is easy to sprout and easily digested. I noticed when eaten with meals I found a bigger % of nutrients seem to be absorbed.


Debbie on Dec 7th 2019

Sprout House fenugreek has always sprouted well for me and the aroma is amazing when soaked. I keep fenugreeksprouting daily and use them in salads and smoothies.


Debbie on Feb 12th 2019

These seeds are great. They sprout and grow quickly. The smell is sweet and they are great additions to any plant-based diet.

My favorite sprouting seed

J.O. Becroft on Dec 2nd 2016

I've been buying the fenugreek seeds from sprout house for a number of years. What I like about them is, they sprout quickly and reliably. They have a long shelf life, I've gotten good sprouting results from three year old seeds. Finally they have a great crunch and mild flavor. Size wise they're about half way between a mung bean and an alfalfa sprout.