GAIA Clay Sprouter - 14cm dia - Ivory White

You are purchasing a Terra Cotta sprouter that is suitable for sprouting, germinating and growing plant shoots, microgreens or grasses.

The GAIA Sprouter consists of 2 growing trays, base and lid. The growing trays are made of unglazed earthenware that is highly porous and thus is able to breathe = absorb and release moisture to maintain a constant level of humidity. The lid and base are glazed to make them non-porous and easier to clean. Each sprouter is hand-assembled to the best fit and comes with the Instruction guide. The GAIA Clay Sprouter is suitable for sprouting seeds, germinating beans and pulses and growing plant shoots, microgreens or grasses.

GAIA Clay Sprouters are hand-crafted and have the GAIA brand mark on the side of the sprouting tray. The lead free clay is sourced directly from the place of crafting and glazes used for the lid and the base are lead free and certified non-toxic. 

There is a choice of 3 different colours: Racing Green, Ivory White, and Deep Bordeaux.

Height of complete sprouter: cca 15cm  (5.9 inches)
Diameter of complete sprouter: cca 15cm   (5.9 inches)

Clay is sourced in Europe.

The sprouters come in plastic-free boxing that is white on outside and easy to check for content. Sprouters have attached a gift tag and an instruction guide is included in the box.

These sprouters are imported from the UK.  Colour of sprouters may slightly vary. It is due to how the glazes get mixed, what is the temperature in a kiln and how long stay the pots in the kiln. This does not affect the quality of the glaze or product or it performance. All sprouters are and are being sold as hand-made and are assembled to best match, therefore the parts cannot be mixed between boxes.

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Our Company

The Clay Like Company is the designer of the GAIA sprouting range. We are also the main supplier of GAIA sprouters for UK and the rest of the world. We reserve the right to change the design ofour products to improve its quality. Our logo GAIA printed on our products is Copyright and must not be replicated without our permission.

Our purpose is to do something sensible and have fun. Natural materials and time-proven technologies has been always a source of our inspiration, that has gradually grown into the concept of life-quality improving products and ideas. Our work is dedicated to enable a sustainable and resilient system that is less dependant on fossil fuels. We have strong pro-sustinable and eco-friendly company policies and we constantly work to improve on quality of our service.

Thank you for choosing us.

Our GAIA Clay Sprouter

As manufacturer of clay sprouters GAIA has gained the expertise on sprouting seeds in earthenware. The GAIA Clay Sprouter is hand-crafted earthenware set made of locally sourced clay. Unglazed trays of GAIA sprouter (unlike grass or plastic sprouters) can provide breathable and moist regulating environment. This simple system, imitating natural conditions, can ensure steady growth without the risk of drowning or drying-up seeds.

GAIA Clay Sprouters are universal and ideal for SPROUTING, GERMINATING and GROWING PLANT SHOOTS, MICRO-GREENS or GRASSES without soil or compost.

Many people love the benefits of seed sprouting. Sprouting Mung beans or seeds like Alfalfa and Broccoli is an extraordinarily simple process with exceptional benefits for the human body. Our body needs fresh, plant-based food to maintain optimal health and sprouts play an important role here. For sprouts to grow only a small space and basic equipment is required. It does not depend on season, nor does it require any fertilizers. As a result sprouts are packed with VITAMINS, MINERALS, BIO-AVAILABLE ENZYMES, PHYTO-NUTRIENTS, AMINO-ACIDS and PROTEINS and those are easily digested and absorbed, which means that our body is actually able to benefit from every single nutrient. Sprouts can be eaten raw or shortly processed, in salads, soups or sandwiches, juiced or as nibbles.

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