Certified organic and Non-GMO
These sprouts have a very garlic taste to them.
ADD this to your best soups and salads.
Put them on any sandwich to make it that much better.
These sprouts take longer than most to grow but it is well worth the wait
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Faster sprouting than expected and tasty!

sharon k. on Jun 9th 2016

I had read that garlic chive sprouts are slow to grow, so I was expecting a wait, but most of the seeds germinated within a couple of days and were ready to harvest in a week or so. Like the other reviewer says, they're great to add to other sprouts for a bit of garlicky taste and fragrance.

Wonderful Aroma makes all food tastier

Lisa on Jan 7th 2016

They are rich in taste, so I mixed them with other sprouts e.g. fenugreek, red clover & daikon. This mixed salad was so fresh & good with the garlic flavor.