Easy to use and great for beginners. This is an inexpensive and fun way to grow sprouts. Start your own jar garden! Fits wide mouth mason jars. Hand wash only. These lids have a small mesh on them perfect for sprouting those tiny seeds. And these lids are made from BPA free plastic.

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Green Plastic Sprout lid

Michelle Parker on Jul 8th 2020

This little thing is so simple . The holes allow the water you are rinsing your seeds with to be drained quickly and easily. Also allows for air to circulate in the jar, Can use on any size wide-mouth jar. Perfect!

plastic sprout lid

K Powell on May 6th 2020

Great product! Received ours quickly. Started growing sprouts right away. Drained well... sprouts turned out great!

sprouting lids

Kathy on Apr 30th 2020

Great price, quick shipping and beyond great communication.. Love Sprout House

Just what I needed!!

Sylvia E daSilva on Jun 2nd 2017

I bought these lids because I have been sprouting broccoli seeds on a 3 tier irrigation sprouter, and they were stinking to high heaven! After a little research, I learned that broccoli seeds don't like to sit in water all day. Also sprouting lentils in a mason jar caused a black liquid to gather in the metal canning lid. Using these lids has eliminated BOTH problems....I have lentils sprouting with NO black liquid (I assumed it was a chemical reaction with something in the lentils against the metal ring of the lid) and I have broccoli sprouting with NO foul odor! I may have to order more of these!! Well worth it!

Bought 2 more!

Terri Lee on Sep 14th 2016

LUV this product. Great for even the smallest seeds. Liked the first 2 so well, I ordered 2 more.


Terri Lee on Sep 6th 2016

Had been using conventional jar rings and cheese cloth. Alas, they rust... SUPER replacement that I'm sure to see MANY years use from.