Certified organic and Non-GMO Hard Red Winter Wheat for Wheatgrass juice is easily grown at home.
The wheat grass is sprouted for 10 days and then is ready to be juiced into wheat grass
juice. Other wheat grass supplies include our sprouters and wheat grass
Best Grown in the Wheat grass Starters Package and our large trays, also the Easy Green Automatic Sprouter.
Not suitable for jar sprouting.
For Hard Wheat Sprouts...Best Grown in the Hemp Sprouting Bag Kit, the Sprout Master trays, the Terra Cotta sprouter, the Easy Sprout Sprouter.
These seeds can be sprouted for 2 to 3 days and used as a sprouted grain in salads and soups.
Used to make sprouted.
The juice has a slightly sweet taste to it.
Some people like to mix it with the slightly bitter tasting Barley Juice to get a combination that is just right
for them.
Keep it green and mix it with spinach or celery juice or other green sprouts.
Follow this link to find Sprout Lady Rita's Book on Sprouting: Home Grown Sprouts
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Used for Wheatgrass juice. High in chlorophyll. Mix with other green juices.
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Wheatgrass seeds

Christina myers on Jul 20th 2018

Best seeds ever!

Timely delivery, 100% germination

Don on Mar 9th 2016

I received the package in a timely manner and started a tray. I have 100% wheat grass germination. I have bought wheat grass seeds from several sources but can not be more pleased than the seeds I received from this source.