This special mix Contains: all Non-GMO Certified Organic Adzuki, Certified Organic Mung, Certified Organic Alfalfa, Certified Organic Radish and Certified Organic Clover all mixed up together.

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Melissa Campanelli on Mar 25th 2022

Really enjoyed this!

Holiday Salad Mix is so good!

Andrea Giarraputo on Nov 25th 2019

Just grew a big batch & it's so,good I can't stop eating it! There is also a flavor transition, it starts with one flavor, moves thru another then ends with a kick! Thank you!

Holiday Mix

Sharon Mountain Greens on Sep 24th 2018

Easy to grow, looks fab and great flavor mix, we love it!

Holiday Salad Mix

Sharon Mountain Greens on Sep 10th 2018

Love this mix!! Easy to grow and a great flavor mix!

Best Organic Seeds

Bilbo Redbone on Apr 12th 2017

This is my second order of these seeds. Arrived within 4-5 days including one weekend. packaged well in sealed bag, all in good shape. These seeds sprout within a couple of days and are ready to pick in 4-5 days or so. So good to have a source of life enzymes, a true probiotic, and delicious too! A great way for anyone to have fresh, organic salad greens almost anywhere.