Holly's Bean Mix
Holly is a market gardener and this is her signature mix that she sells sprouted. It is very delicious and is in great demand from her customers. Holly has allowed me to sell the beans so you can grow your own.
Contains: Certified organic and Mung, Adzuki, Green Pea. Red Lentils, French Lentils, Green Lentils
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Holly's Bean Mix

Kathleen Gabric on Jun 2nd 2020

This is a wonderful blend of seeds that exhibits a high germination rate. The flavor is very fresh crispy with no bitterness. I definitely recommend this mix to anyone but especially to newcomers to sprouting such as myself.

Holly's Bean Mix

Wendy on Mar 29th 2020

I wanted to try sprouting, so I purchased a trial size offered. Out of all I tried, the Holly's Bean Mix was the most flavorful. I eat them raw, add them to pancakes and bread, use them in soup. I'm sold on them. Be back for more!

Wow! Really enjoy these.

Rich on May 31st 2019

Great crunch combo! Tastes so fresh and crunchy. Love this mix. Thanks.

Hollys Bean mix

Kathleen on Nov 28th 2018

These are quickly becoming my favorites. I love to mix them with alfalfa seeds and have a wonderful salad. I eat them most every day!

Truly very pretty

Katherine Trudeau on Dec 6th 2017

This blend is very flavorful: rich and yet refreshing. However, I also enjoy just having these sprouts on the table because they are quite frankly, really pretty. I even use a wide glass bowl to show them off. A great side dish for a meal or a topper for a chili or potato soup.


David Morton on Sep 29th 2016

Good mix. Quickish germination. Not too many non-starters. Taste great. Run out of superlatives. I like to mix many varieties in a sandwich with "Salad Cream" (limey mayonnaise, but so much better, been eating it for 60 years!) Try this one you will not be disappointed.