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Hulled Sunflower Seeds - Sunflower Meats - No Shells Sunflower Seeds certified organic and non-GMO
These sunflower seeds have NO SHELL - these are just the meats of the sunflower.
You can use these by soaking for a few hours and them put them in for pates, or pie shells or add them to soups and
salads for CRUNCH and TASTE.
Although they will sprout, they will NOT yield greens. If you want sunflower greens, then you need to get the Baby Black sunflowers. But these will sprout a little bit if you sprout them for a few days. They stay very crunchy and are really good tasty addition to any recipe or eat them by themselves.
Add crunch and taste to your favorite dishes. Increase protein. Use for pates and pie shells.
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Hulled Sunflower Sunmeats:
Hulled Sunflower Sunmeats

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hulled sunflower seeds

Amy on Jan 20th 2021

exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks.