This new mix was developed by a good friend and co- sprouter.

Contains: NON-GMO Certified organic Broccoli, Fenugree, Yellow Mustard, Radish
Best sprouted in the Sprout Master trays, the Terra Cotta Sprouter, the Easy Sprouter and the Easy Green Automatic Sprouter

This mix has all of your favorite Brassicas in it for a great combination of taste and nutrition. If it doesn't taste good, you won't eat it. So let this mix be your guide for good nutrition that tastes good as well. Yes, it's true, the Doctors at John Hopkins University Hospital did find that eating broccoli sprouts can reduce certain types of tumors but there is also a theory there that says ALL members of the Brassica family are good for you. And, as mentioned before, taste good, too.

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Contains your favorite Brassicas Kale, Broccoli, Mustard and Red Cabbage Dynamite nutrition with a great taste
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for a nice balance of the brassica type seeds:

Donna Jensen on Oct 28th 2016

This is a tasty combination of brassica seeds with a very fresh taste. The bags are easy to freeze in and open easily for reuse.