Here's another delicious sprout mix from The Veggie Queen, Jill Nussinow, MS, RD The Veggie Queen -- Growing Vegetable Enthusiasm Vegetable, vegetarian, vegan and pressure cooking expert http://www.theveggiequeen.com http://www.pressurecookingonline.com Follow me on Twitter and Facebook Read my blogs The Veggie Queen Adventures (moved to theveggiequeen.com) and Green Cooking in a Pressure Cooker
This mix contains: Certified organic and Non-GMO adzuki, green pea, mung, french lentils, and sunmeats
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Jills Sprout Salad Mix

Lisa on Jul 11th 2020

First harvest tonight soooooo delicious!

20 point drop in fasting glucose

K. on Apr 4th 2016

I was surprised to find that when I had this mix in the evening, my fasting blood glucose dropped about 20 points when I checked it the next day. This happened several times after having this mix. So I think this mix may be causing it. I think it may be the mung beans. I guess it will take a while to figure out what is going on - or maybe it was just a random thing. I am kind of excited about this since it puts me in normal. Hopefully it will be consistent. Maybe it only happens to me.

love it !!

Mar 15th 2016

This is the second time I have ordered Jill's sprout salad mix and it won't be the last. I just really like the combination. I put it in my salads and also just eat it alone. I also give some to my birds and dogs, everyone likes it and it's healthy for all...