With every purchase of any of The Sprout Master Sprouters you will receive 1 pound of our Exclusive   3 Bean Crunch FREE! (No coupons or codes necessary - we'll add the seeds to the box.) That's right, a pound of certified organic, non-GMO seeds FREE with your purchase. 

Do you need a sprouter that can do it all? You should try our Healthy Sprouter. This sprouter gets it all done from the very tiny to the grasses. With every purchase of our Healthy Sprouter you will receive 1 pound of our 3 Bean Crunch Certified Organic non-GMO Mix FREE! (No coupons or codes necessary, we'll add the seeds to the box.)

Do you need an easy book to read over the summer? May I suggest Sprout Lady Rita's Home Grown Sprouts? It has lots of how to photos so you can grow your sprouts at home. The book is on sale for 10% off the regular price.

All of our Summer Seeds are on sale for 10% off the regular retail price. The summer seeds are:   3 Bean CrunchFrench LentilGarbanzo, and  Adzuki Beans.

Don't forget to check out our BLOG with original artwork and poetry by Andrea G.

An upcoming post that we are working on is paring sprouts with Indian Food. We have two mixes - GEORGIAN MIX and GOGREEN MIX - that use traditional Indian seeds (mustard and fenugreek) and are mixed with other seeds to create a cooling but tasty combination sprouted side dish. Keep checking our BLOG for the post. Both mixes are on sale this month so you can try them.

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