Certified Organic Non-GMO Mung: A beautiful green colored seed.
Easily digested because it comes with its own digestive enzymes.
Great eaten cooked or raw.
You can grow these mixed with Adzuki Bean.

Mix the sprouted Mung Bean with rice for a maximum array of amino acids for protein building.
Add to salads and raw sprouted soups and stir-frys.


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great product

francesca on Jan 9th 2022

great product

Recent Mung Sprouting Seeds

Eric on Sep 21st 2020

I bought these for my grandson's 8th birthday to get him into sprouting and to keep him from eating all mine! I am new to sprouting and am really enjoyed working with The Sprout House for supplies. All my orders are shipped promptly and all grow jars and jars of fresh sprouts! Thank you Rita and a Big Thank you shout out to Jim G that got me started on this healthy path.

Excellent quality!!

Mikayla Brophy on Sep 4th 2020

Everything I have bought from the Sprout House is amazing. I eat all of my sprouts on a daily basis and feel great. Mung, adzuki, garbanzo, pea, red and French lentils, garlic, broccoli, cress, flax, arugula, fenugreek, and daikon- they have all had excellent germination rate and all taste great. This is much more rewarding than having a garden


Liza on May 18th 2020

As always am highly thankful for Sprout House. Their products have great germination rates.

Mung Bean sprouts

Sandi Cornez on Apr 20th 2020

I love Mung Bean sprouts for their health benefits, taste, and ease in sprouting. From 1 ounce of seeds in a glass mason jar after 4-5 days I have 8 ounces of pure plant protein, ready to eat. The longer the tails the more telomeres in the brain. You can eat as a snack, put into raw salads, add to mains and add to raw dehydrated neat burgers and loaves. Plus I love that the shipping price is included in the total price for all Rita's sprouts.

Great flavor for your salad

Jun 29th 2017

I hadn't sprouted Mung beans in quite a while; I had forgotten how good they are. Quick to sprout (2 days after soaking overnight) produces crisp, crunchy, healthy goodness!! The green sprouter jar covers make this process so easy!!!

Excellent product

Elisabeth on Apr 15th 2017

very tasty. I will keep these on hand for all my oriental cooking needs. Thanks Rita

Best sprout seeds

Lucie on Feb 23rd 2016

As good as always!! Thanks Rita.