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Best Grown in the Hemp Sprouting Bag, The Sprout Master Trays, The Terra Cotta Sprouter, The Easy Green Automatic Sprouter, The Easy Sprout Sprouter .
Certified organic and
You can also grow these into SHOOTS, yes SHOOTS. Just use a tray sprouter and sprout them for about 8 to 10 days.
You will get great beautiful tasty MUNG bean SHOOTS. You can also grow ADZUKI beans into shoots.
The bean grows up with the shoot and you get to eat all of it - the green shoot and the bean part, too. The stem is nice and thick. Lots of sprout to eat and enjoy!
A beautiful green colored seed.
Easily digested because it comes with its own digestive enzymes.
Great eaten cooked or raw.
You can grow these mixed with Adzuki Bean.

Mix the sprouted Mung Bean with rice for a maximum array of amino acids for protein building.
Add to salads and raw sprouted soups and stir-frys.
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