CERTIFIED ORGANIC, non-GMO Garden Vegetable Seeds for Planting in an Outdoor Garden

Rosa Bianca:  Italian heirloom with unique coloring and shape.  White dew drop fruits have laveder streaks.  From Italy.  Mild, creamy flavor with no bitterness, and smooth texture.  Prized by chefs and gardeners.

Days to maturity: 73 days

1/64 ounce

A lovely Sicilian variety with light pink fruit streaked with white and violet. Plump, rounded fruits have mild, creamy taste adored by chefs; no bitterness and few seeds. Does best in areas with warm nights and can be lower-yielding in extreme northern areas. Gourmet appeal · 4-6" fruit (Solanum melongena)

Planting Tips:  Warm season tender annual.  Sow seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before planting date.  Optimal soil temp for germination is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Plant outdoors when daytime temperatures are at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit and night time temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Plastic mulch and floating row cover will help to raise temps and warm off insects.

Cerified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, LLC

Seed Planting Depth = 1/4 inch

Seed Spacing = n/a

Days to Germination = 10 - 12 days

Plant Spacing After Thinning = 18 - 24 inches

Row Spacing = 30 inches

Plant Height = 24 inches


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