Easy to use and great for beginners. This is an inexpensive and fun way to grow sprouts. Start your own jar garden! Fits wide mouth mason jars. Hand wash only. These lids have a small mesh on them perfect for sprouting those tiny seeds. And these lids are made from BPA free plastic. 
Follow this link to find Sprout Lady Rita's Book on Sprouting: Home Grown Sprouts
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Denise on Mar 1st 2020

You used to carry this lid as a 3 pack with different sized holes. I really liked this option. I use the larger holes for sprouting nuts like almonds and cashews, the medium for beans and the smaller the tiny seeds. Do you plan on carrying the other 2 sizes again at some point?

This is what I wanted

Libby on Aug 10th 2017

It has the very small holes, that is what I needed for sprouting small seeds. I already have the ones with larger holes. Actually I haven't used it yet.

Great lid

Colette Dowd on Jul 8th 2017

Makes sprouting easier with this handy lid