You are purchasing one  LARGE RE: Fresh Bags (12" x 14")


No More Wasted Produce or Home Grown Sprouts.

NO More Plastic Bags.

100% Organic Cotton

Fabric Grown and Milled in USA

Both Fabric and Thread are organic cotton.

How to Use:

Step 1:  

Rinse Sprouts or Veggies

Step 2:

Fully soak the bag and wring out excess water

Step 3:

Fill with your sprouts or veggies.

If the bag should dry out during it's stay in the refrigerator, repeat Step 1.

The Science

Produce is alive, which means it's "breathing." It's still going through it's life processes and needs the right conditions to stay fresh and crisp.

Those conditions are

humidity and airflow.

When you put your produce in a wet Re: Fresh Bag, it is surrounded by water that is slowly evaporating and increasing the humidity in the bag.

The heavyweight fabric is highly absorbent and keeps the bag humid.


The towel pyle (loops) on the outside

provide plenty of surface area,

allowing the water evaporate.

The fabric maintains humidity,

while the evaporating water

keeps the air moving.

The result is fresh, crisp,

delicious veggies.


When we started at the markets, time and time again we heard, "I've got some rotting in the fridge at home."  And it was deterring people from buying fresh produce from local farmers.

Our response? The Re: Fresh Bag

That's where the name comes from.

Re: Fresh!

Fabric Grown & Milled in the USA

Both the fabric and thread are organic cotton.

100% Organic Cotton

Keep Your Produce

Fresher, Longer.

No More Wasted Produce.

No More Plastic Bags.

The Story

We knew we needed something to preserve produce, while avoiding plastic.

So we scoured the market for what was available and combined the best of what we found to make the Re: Fresh Bag.

With careful consideration to

everything from how we make our

seams to the materials we use,

the Re: Fresh Bag is made with

our community, as well as our

larger human family, in mind.

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