Best sprouted in the Sprout Master Trays, the Easy Green Automatic Sprouter, The Easy Sprout Sprouter,
Special purchase for a great seed.
Red cabbage is in the broccoli family so it has lots of good nutrition.
And....it tastes great, too.
To find Sprout Lady Rita's book on sprouting, Home Grown Sprouts, follow this link: http://www.sprouthouse.com/category_s/51.htm
Same family as broccoli. Great taste and great nutrition.
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Red cabbage for sprouting.

Shirley Vickman on Sep 18th 2017

Very pleased with the price, fast shipment, and packaging. Looking forward to sprouts in my Kale smoothies. Natural is always best. The prices are far better than others I have seen offered. Keep up the good work.

Just as good if not better than Johnnys

kauai micros on Jan 21st 2017

Side by side I had better luck with this product and at 25% of the cost of their top competitor

They go from pale yellow to beautiful deep purple!

sharon k. on Jun 9th 2016

These germinated well and very quickly, but I had only ever sprouted green leafy sprouts, so I was expecting them to look different from what I'm used to when they began to sprout. But they looked the same pale yellow starting out as the green sprouts. Disappointed, I contacted Rita that I thought I'd received the wrong seeds, but she assured me I hadn't and said they'd get red later on. And surely enough, they did! Not only that, by the end of the week they'd turned mostly deep purple (with some partly dark green). I used a jar to sprout them, so it was a little disconcerting to see how dark and murky they looked inside, but once you take them out, they're just beautiful. And to me, they're as tasty as broccoli sprouts but have a bit more crunch. So my first venture into non-green sprouts was a success! And fun, too, I'd highly recommend them (and these in particular). :)