Sprout these speckled snow peas for 10 days using a vertical tray sprouter and cut above the pea line for harvesting (don't eat the pea at this point).
Full bodied snow pea sprouts that make a great base for salads or eat them alone.
They grow very tall and are very delicious ( a favorite snack of my son's).
Easily digested.  Great sprout for juicing. 
Use like lettuce. Grows a large green sprout. Fresh taste.
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Speckled Peas

shulamith on Jan 9th 2021

Love them! They sprout quickly in the square sprouters. Before they get too big, I separate the sprouts from their peas and roots and refrigerate them. They keep well. I can add them to a bowl of soup, too, and they do just fine.

Speckled snow peas

Roberta mikkelsen on May 4th 2020

I’m new to growing shoots. These were so easy with nearly 100% yield. They grew straight and fast even though my kitchen was in the 50’s. Mild tasting and the stalks are a bit fibrous but a great way to add that needed fiber to my diet. I love the GAIA terra cotta sprouter because I don’t need to buy soil. These grew perfectly in there.

Speckled Snow Peas

Sharon Mountain Greens on May 29th 2018

Love, love, love these seeds and so do all our customers!!