This is what Sprout Lady Rita eats! Mostly what I eat in the form of sprouts is my mistakes. When we make up the mixes, sometimes we make a mistake. So I take the mistake home and eat that....whatever it contains. But when I get to actually choose what I eat...it's this mix. Every bean we have, not including soy, plus fenugreek and this year (2011) I started adding some wheat. I sprout it for just a day or two, then eat it all up. Delicious plain right out of the tray as a snack when I am working on the website for hours and hours, dress it up with a little salad dressing, in the winter after spending the day at the cold warehouse I like to put some in my cup of miso soup. It is something to look forward to and helps to get my body temperature back to normal. The fenugreek adds a delightful overall flavor to the mix. Contains: Non-GMO Certified Organic Adzuki, Certified Organic Garbanzo, Certified Organic French Lentil, Certified Organic Green Lentil,Certified Organic Red Lentil, Certified Organic Green Pea, Certified Organic Mung, and Certified Organic Fenugreek and Certified Organic Wheat.

To find Sprout Lady Rita's book on sprouting, Home Grown Sprouts, follow this link: http://www.sprouthouse.com/category_s/51.htm

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Thomas Papke on Feb 5th 2021

Packaging was superb! Order completion and delivery was fast. Sprouts appeared quickly. Can't wait to taste them. It seems that everything happens quickly with Sprout House while they maintain quality

Superior quality

Ruth Cavayero on May 5th 2020

I was very please with the sprouting seeds that arrived . I discovered your company after reviewing a gift from a friend in the past. Were I found the blends and sprouting % fantastic. I look forward to using my new seeds very soon