A very basic guide to sprouting using different tools for sprouting.

Downloadable so you can refer to it again and again.

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Broccoli Sprouting Seeds

Susan on Jun 5th 2021

Excellent product and great support if you have any questions!

Review sprout house

Pamela Ellis on Jun 30th 2020

Great product... works best with smaller sprouts.

$19.99 sample pack 1 doz packets review

carol evilsizer on May 8th 2020

Very impressed by the amount of seeds each packet had in the sample size 12 pack

Sprouting for health!

Bonnie on Apr 10th 2020

There is nothing healthier than homegrown sprouts! Sprout Lady Rita’s directions are easy to follow and you can keep yourself healthy for very little with just organic seeds, water, and a jar!

seed sprouting guide

Lynne Ditullio on Nov 4th 2019

Very helpful and clearly written

Guide to Sprouting

Cynthia on Aug 7th 2019

I placed an order for seeds and also requested the guide as part of the order. I mistakenly thought it would come as hardcopy. Rita responded immediately and sent the PDF version which I was able to copy. The Guide targeted the basics, was comprehensive, and effectively written to assist beginners like myself.


Alan on Apr 29th 2019

Love the product. Cuts time down by more than half. Good look'n sprouts!

Sprout Lady Rita

John Lower on Mar 22nd 2019

It is basic info. It also gives me ideas. Being a first timer, I am using grow different grow mats and top soils with compost mix. My first taste of Veggie Queen Mix was very good. I am still experimenting with containers, humidity domes and grow lights. It is a fun hobby!!