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The Sprout Master Single Sprouter
is 1 trays that measures 8 inches x 10 inches x 2 inches high
Made from High Impact Polystyrene Plastic #478
FDA approved, BPA free
Sprout Master:
The Worlds Greatest Sprouter and Crisper!
LIVE HEALTHIER: Life giving sprouts contain live enzymes necessary for the digestive process. They contain few if any calories and no cholesterol. Sprouts are one of the highest sources of fiber and chlorophyll. Sprouts contain the highest and purest forms of vitamins, proteins, trace minerals and nutrients necessary for a long healthy life.

SPROUTMASTER has the following advantages over other sprouters:

Does not sour the sprouts.

Several sprouters can be stacked with the tray lid in place without losing necessary air circulation.

The rectangular shape allows for a much better cabinet and refrigerator storage without sacrificing as much as one inch in the volume of your harvest.

A removable divider in the middle makes it possible to grow a half crop, a full crop or two different crops at the same time.

With a lid placed under the bottom as a drip tray and a lid placed over the top, your sprouts will stay crisper longer in the refrigerator without losing vitamins or souring.

Disassembles quickly for easy cleaning.
In a time of food shortage or emergency, knowing how to sprout seeds is one of the most important skills you can have.

The SPROUTMASTER is packaged as one or three trays. They can be stacked or used separately. Each package has a lid so that the unit may be used as a crisper. When selecting seed to sprout, it is important to use seed that has been grown organically and is free from harmful chemicals.

Sprouts can be eaten alone, in sandwiches, salads, burritos, casseroles, soups, meatloaves, on baked potatoes or used in hundreds of other dishes. Let your creativity run wild!

If you are prepared, it is possible to live very healthy in the hardest of times. Knowing how to sprout with the SPROUTMASTER can help you stretch your food further, if you have the right seeds in your storage.
Live Enzymes

SPROUTMASTER solves ALL the problems encountered with other sprouters and sprouting methods.

SPROUTMASTER comes complete with a drip tray, center divider for growing two separate crops, a lid to use the tray as a crisper and a set of complete instructions. The tray measures 8 inches x 10 inches.


The World’s Greatest Sprouter and Crisper!


You are now the owner of a SPROUTMASTER, the ultimate in nutritious sprouting. It was designed with the input of hundreds of home and commercial sprout-growers who are familiar with virtually every existing sprouter and sprouting method known.


The space-saving rectangular shape of the SPROUTMASTER, compared to the round or the three tray stack varieties, allows for much better shelf and kitchen cabinet storage without sacrificing as much as one inch in the volume of your harvest.


The SPROUTMASTER was designed with both the small single crop grower and the large, multi-crop grower in mind. The divider provides you a choice of growing a half crop, two crops or one full crop of your favorite sprouts. You will note the divider has been made to fit the groove eliminating the often annoying intermingling of seeds.


For the large multi-crop grower, the SPROUTMASTER was designed and engineered so that several sprouters can be stacked with the tray lid in place without losing necessary air circulation.


The mesh, or size of the holes in the bottom of the SPROUTMASTER have been made somewhat smaller than other screen bottom sprouters in answer to the often-heard complaint that “too many alfalfa seeds were lost during rinsing.”


If you are new to sprouting you are embarking on a new and exciting adventure in delicious and nutritious eating. Be it an oriental dish, casserole, soup, salad, sandwich or meatloaf, we feel sure that in a very short time your imagination will soon provide the gourmet touch that will be hailed by your family and friends.


Enjoy SPROUTMASTER “The Ultimate in Sprouting!”




















For the “Ultimate in Sprouting” success in your SPROUTMASTER follow these basic instructions:


  1. Select seeds, grains or beans to be sprouted. Note: One full tray of sprouted seeds makes two quarts. For one or two people reduce the amount of seeds. For the SPROUTMASTER MINI one full tray makes one and one half pints of sprouts. The following are maximum amounts the sprouters will hold:



8 X 10 X 2 5 X 6 X 2



Alfalfa 4 T 2 T 4 t 2 t




Grains 2 cups 1 cup ½ cup ¼ cup





Large Seeds, 2 cups 1 cup ½ cup ¼ cup





  1. Soak seeds overnight, or from 10 to 12 hours, in another container such as a jar or bowl. This will give you approximately 300% increased volume over original measure. Be sure to use a container of sufficient size to accommodate expansion. Note: Hard seeds are indication of insufficient soaking.


  1. Pour seed mix, grains or beans into your SPROUTMASTER. A light rinse will spread them evenly over the bottom of the sprouter.


  1. Rinse thoroughly 2 times per day (morning/night) with a gentle spray of water or by filling the sink or flat container with 2 inches of water and dipping the sprouter repeatedly. Note: This step is needed to keep the seeds from drying out and to wash away natural toxins or by-products by giving the sprouts a gentle bath.


  1. Drain the sprouter thoroughly after each rinsing. Tilting the sprouter will expedite drainage.


  1. A lid is placed under the sprouter with the word SPROUTMASTER up. This serves as a drain tray and provides an air flow space at the bottom of the sprouter. Note; For sprouting large amounts, the trays may be stacked on top of one another. The lid for one becomes a drip tray for another. You can sprout with the lid on; but for maximum air flow in hot climates, cover with a damp cloth without lid. Place sprouter out of direct sunlight and out of draft on kitchen cupboard, in a dark cupboard, or in an oven. Do not turn on oven or you will melt the tray.


  1. Sprouts grow best between 75 and 80 degrees. When colder, sprouts may grow but at a slower rate.


  1. Taste your sprouts as they grow to determine when they are most appealing to you. On the 3rd and 4th day alfalfa, radish, and cabbage take on a beautiful green hue if left uncovered and exposed to normal window light or artificial electric room lights. CAUTION: Do not put in direct sunlight. Seeds are sweeter if sprouted in the dark. Some seeds may only require two days maximum sprouting, let your taste be the judge.


  1. When the seeds have reached desired taste, you may halt their growth by putting the lid on top (turn drip tray over, blocking air flow) and place the in refrigerator. The unit will make an excellent crisper. CAUTION: Do not rinse the sprouts prior to putting them into the refrigerator. Note: Sprouts are not damaged when left in the sprouter and refrigerated. They retain all their vitamins and nutrients until chopped or eaten.


  1. Scrub your SPROUTMASTER thoroughly with a brush and you will be ready to begin the sprouting process once again. Stains can be removed by scrubbing with baking soda or by soaking in diluted Clorox. NOTE: NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.


  1. To use the SPROUTMASTER MINI in a back pack or a 72 hour kit follow the above instructions with these changes: A. Pour the seed from one of the plastic bottles into a plastic bag and use the empty bottle for soaking the seed. B. Use a heavy rubber band around the entire sprouter to hold the lids in place during sprouting. C. The sprouts can be kept in the pack and eaten when sprouting is complete. Note: If using the MINI 2-Seed Pack for backpacking or 72 hour kits, you will need to add a zip lock bag and one rubber band.


Now you can enjoy the succulent taste and the nutritious, vitamin-enriched value of your own freshly sprouted seeds. Enjoy what is considered by many experts to be the most perfect food you can eat.



Sprouting Guidelines


Seed Sprouting Time Tips

Alfalfa 3 to 5 days Green last day

Buckwheat 3 to 8 days Green last 2 days

Cabbage 3 to 5 days Green last day

Clover 3 to 5 days Green last day

Broccoli 3 to 5 days Green last day

Flax 2 to 6 days Don’t pre-soak

Lentils 1 ½ to 2 days ½” to 1” tails

Mung Beans 1 ½ to 2 days ½’ sprout tails

Radish 3 to 5 days Green last day

Sunflower nuts 20 to 24 hours Keep out of light

Sunflower greens 6 to 8 days Green last 2-3 days

Grains 1 ½ to 2 days 1/8” to 1/4” sprout

(Wheat, oats, barley, rye, …)

Dry beans 1 ½ days to 2 days Cook 15 to 20 min.



Allows seeds to grow straight up and down Can be used as a crisper for those mature sprouts Easy to use; directions included
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So Easy to Use!

Joyce Sherry on Mar 24th 2018

This sprouting tray allows me plenty of sprouts (we're a family of four) and is so easy to use. It's a far cry from the mess I used to deal with when I first started sprouting years and years ago. Definitely worth the money.

You will want this.

Jane on Aug 8th 2016

Love it. I am new to sprouting and this tray made it so easy.

Order Review

Mar 9th 2016

This is a review of not only the Sprout Master Tray and seeds that I purchased but also Sprout House. My order arrived ahead of schedule which is always nice and was well packed to protect the plastic tray. So I give 5 Stars to Sprout House for taking care of this customer in a timely manner and for adequate packing material. The Sprout Master Sprouting Tray appears to be well constructed and better suited for me than the round sprouters - 5 Stars. As for the seeds....well....they are in the process of growing but I'm sure they will be tasty. Growing is easier than expected....